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The Southern California Chapter of the American Statistical Association (SCASA) is a non-profit organization that exists for the purpose of promoting unity within the community of statisticians, especially within the Southern California area, and of contributing to statistical education within the professional community and the general public. By its efforts, the Chapter hopes to increase the contribution of Statistics to human welfare everywhere.

Southern California ASA

The SCASA organizes four standing events per year: Kick-off in October-November, Career Day in February-March, Applied Statistics Workshop in March-April, and AP Stat Project Competition in May-June.

The membership in SCASA is open to all individuals in all fields related to Statistics.The SCASA members have the benefit of being actively involved in organizing local events and activities, and, if also members of the national American Statistical Association, the SCASA members will have the right to vote and hold a SCASA office. Regular membership dues are $12 per year, and $6 for full-time students and retirees. More details on the SCASA membership benefits can be found in Article III of the SCASA Constitution.

NC ASA Events and Initiatives

NC ASA is a vibrant and active chapter with several ways for you to get involved. For an overview of the ongoing development of NC ASA initiatives and past events visit the Past NC ASA Events page and the NC ASA Blog.

Southern California ASA

2023 Virtual Career Fair: Save the Date - November 3, 2023 at 2:30 pm

Virtual Traveling Course: September 29, 2023 - Data Visualization with R - Register by September 27!

Attention Students: Explore the awards, scholarships, fellowships, grants, internships, and more collected here! This is the ASA's repository for students and early-career opportunities!

Chapter Awards

The NC ASA Chapter presents awards to statisticians who have advanced statistical science in North Carolina.

The NC ASA Chapter is pleased to announce three award winners! The 2021 Service Award winner is Dr. Emily Griffith. The Senior Statistician Award winners are Dr. Sonia Thomas and Dr. Cynthia Rudin. Celebrate these impactful statisticians with us!